Raise your hand if you’ve ever said:
“I’m organized…I can plan my own wedding!” 

hey, lovely! 

Now raise your hand if you’re weeks into wedding planning and realize there are so many more details than you ever knew to consider 🙋🏻‍♀️ Yup. That was me too! If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking: 
  • I have no idea on where to even start! I have googled, tik tok'd, and read all the blog posts and STILL feel overwhelmed
  • I can’t seem to focus on wedding planning  
  • It’s hard to visualize my perfect wedding with everything I feel like I need to do 
  • You don't need a wedding planner, but it wouldn't hurt to have a little support and direction....right?!

let us help!

Ready to            walking into your wedding day? 

Because you've just found your virtual planning bestie! Not looking for a wedding planner, but still needing a little bit of direction? Stop stressing about what to do, when, and how – This self-guided virtual wedding planner is just for you! 

  • Monthly Access to our tried + true wedding planning portal system 
  • Monthly Access to our local KC wedding vendor directory 
  • Monthly Emails with exclusive Planning Tips + Tricks 
  • Access to a members only wedding planning community
  • Monthly Group Ask-The-Wedding-Planner virtual sessions 
  • Timeline Creation Support
  • Initial Budget Creation Support  
  • Emergency Kit Supply List 
  • Virtual Kick-Off Meeting 
  • And more!

feel confident 

Experience one-on-one support like you've never imagined

tell me more!



Signature Wedding Planner

Virtual Wedding Planner 

Looking for more personalized help? Whatever Is Lovely Events is a leading, local Kansas City wedding planner ready to support your every step of the wedding planning journey.

An online, self-guided monthly support system designed to give couples a step by step roadmap in planning the wedding of their dreams!  

lets get started

ready for some 1:1 help?

Hi, I’m Rach! 

MY BEST LIFE INCLUDES coffee, Taco Tuesdays, my pups, and all things Kansas City! 


I’m your enneagram 1w2, type A pal, solely focused on making wedding planning as simple and fun as possible. I wish I could say that I wanted to be a wedding planner my whole life and had The Wedding Planner movie on on-repeat. But that’s just not my story. 

My story began through my own wedding in 2012– back in the days where there was no Pinterest, no day-of wedding coordinators, and no thriving local wedding vendor industry like you see today. And while I have zero regrets from my wedding day, there were a lot of missed moments I wish I could have back. 

Enter Virtually Lovely!, created by Whatever Is Lovely Events. We’re here to streamline and simplify your wedding planning process, all while protecting the moments and experiences that matter most. Friends don’t let friends plan their weddings alone!

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