New Site, New Coordinator, Who Dis?!

March 25, 2020

We’ve had some major changes over at WIL these past few years and we’re so excited to share what’s been going on behind the scenes with you guys. From cross-country moves, hiring a new team member, expanding our services, and sharing more wedding planning tips and inspiration, we’ve been pretty busy! Want to know what we’ve been up to? Keep reading to find out!

New Website

Walking into this new little business four years ago, we had some big dreams. Over the years, our dreams and our vision continued to grow as we took on new and exciting opportunities. One of the ways we work to communicate our voice and vision is through our website. Y’all, we are SO SO SO excited to show off this little bit of a website refresh to you! Year after year, our brand and vibe continue to evolve. Since we value transparency above all else, we wanted to make sure the tone of our website continues to reflect who we are and what we stand for. We want you to know US.

Our forever goal is to put all of ourselves out here for you to see, so by the time you click ‘Connect With Us’, you know exactly how we can best support you and bring your dream wedding day to life. Then, our meet + greet can just be all the fun stuff! Getting to know each other over coffee and cocktails, being amazed about all the personal touches you’re incorporating in your wedding, and dreaming about what your day will look like while together scrolling through Pinterest.

A big THANK YOU to our honorary Lovely Lady – Kadyn of Southern Noble Co! Kadyn helps manage all of our website, branding, graphics, templates and so much more, that way we can focus on serving you better. She always does such an amazing job of bringing our voice to life, and we feel like she’s just another sister in this Lovely Tribe. Be sure to check out more of her work, over on Insta!

New Coordinator

Everyone, say hi to Nikki! We have been anxiously waiting for the day we could brag on this new Lovely Lady, and today is that day! Nikki was introduced to our team through a long time friend and fellow industry professional, Russ the Barber. (You might recognize Russ from his Garden Proposal to Nikki, their Destination Wedding on the beach, or as our go-to barber referral for many of our events!)

The moment I sat down to meet Nikki was the moment I knew we’d found our next Lovely and newest sister. Nikki was kind and caring in the (literal) hours we spent chatting, and I recognized that she is someone who would go above and beyond to protect our brides and their dream day which was a must-have quality for anyone joining our team. That, and she was a perfect fit! Not only does she have a heart for people, but she loves….yup, you guessed it….coffee! Anyone joining the team had to appreciate a nice, warm cup o’ joe (kidding! ….maybe…)

What she brings to the team

As a new bride, Nikki brings a unique perspective to the planning process, since she’s been there. Recently! She gets it and is ready to do what she can to make your wedding day nothing less than incredible. We can’t wait for you to meet Nikki and hear more about her own story.

New Zip Code, Who Dis?!

As you’ve probably started to notice on our social media, Rebekah and her husband have made the move to sunny California (Like, how dare they enjoy perfect sunshine weather all the time?!) Initially after the transition, Bekah wanted to focus on what this new change would mean for her and her family. The first several months were centered around house hunting (no easy feat in California, let me tell you!), making new friends, introducing the dogs to life in the desert — no grass!, and figuring out how to maneuver the West Coast traffic. Some of these things took longer than others, but overall this move was exactly what she and her little family needed, and they are so excited to finally feel settled in their new home.

Bek’s move was a bittersweet one; being there from the beginning of Whatever Is Lovely, it felt sad for the sisters (blood and business) to be so far apart in distance. On the bright side, it has opened up the door for her to bring Whatever Is Lovely Events in to something she has always had a focus on: elopements! SoCal has beaches, mountains, deserts, valleys… you name it. Now that she has gotten herself settled, you can expect to see some fun and exciting things from our ever-growing Lovely team on the west coast!


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